photographer self portrait on the beach

I'm a portrait and couples photographer, I currently live in a sun-drenched San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our cat Phoebe.

Before moving, I graduated faculty of Journalism in Belarus (fun times, great literature classes), finished a couple of photography courses, and tried myself in different fields.

Here in California, I fell in love with people's faces, watching the light change everything, and noticing subtle beauty in little things. I'm constantly smitten by how differently people hug and hold hands, how simply and modestly they show their love, how authentic and changing every day is. 

Besides shooting, I love all kinds of things, including perfect cups of coffee, cartoons, fall, plants, yoga at home, coming-of-age books, road trips, doodling, urban wandering, mental health articles, and those five semi rock-hop bands I'm obsessed with at the moment.

And this list is not finished yet.